New Brunswick Traveler

New Brunswick is often referred to as the "drive through" province going to Prince Edward Island, or Nova Scotia. But all of that is changing. Our population continues to grow and more and more individuals are making this a destination place, having discovered the natural wonders and fantastic tourist attractions that await. I am the NB Traveler focusing on upcoming events, information about natural and historical wonders, the journeys of past travelers, and even an occasional ghost story. It's the place for NB travelers and residents to learn and share!

Out of the Ashes in New Brunswick
April 15, 2024x
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Out of the Ashes in New Brunswick

The theme of this podcast is “out of the ashes”. In the case of a murder in 1935 in the Moncton area, the ashes revealed evidence that resulted in two brothers being convicted of murder and hanging, along with their mother being charged with kidnapping – the first in New Brunswick to be charged wit...

Fishing in New Brunswick
April 09, 2024x
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Fishing in New Brunswick

This episode is an interview with Joe Morin about his experiences with fishing in southern New Brunswick. Suggestions on where to go, what to fish for and how enjoyable the activity is. Makes me want to get my kayak out of the basement and get it on the water!

Better Highways and More Cars in New Brunswick
April 02, 2024x
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Better Highways and More Cars in New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick has some great 4-lane highways and good by-roads, but this was not always the case. The preoccupation with railway construction took much of the government’s focus in the early part of the 20th century. It was only with a strong push from the Boards of Trade of Saint J...

The Loyalists and Irish arriving at St. Andrew by the Sea
March 25, 2024x
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The Loyalists and Irish arriving at St. Andrew by the Sea

St. Andrews by the Sea was one of the places that the Loyalists arrived at in 1783. Lesser known and talked about than Saint John, it was still an important port on the Bay of Fundy. And then later in the 1830s it was one of four arrival ports for the Irish emigrants. This podcast takes a brief loo...